ATL - Above the line

More eyes on your brand.

Did you see it in the movies, radio, television, newspapers and magazines? Just like you, we imagine publicity at large that is why we place the creativity of your Brand in mass media, targeting more people, where the whole world can see it.
At Ferrer Communications we design and produce the campaign your Brand needs, achieving the results you are expecting and surpassing them. Confirm it!

BTL - Below the line

Your brand and its consumer face to face.

We create strategies one on one so your Brand has an intimate closeness with its consumers, doing business at the same time. We know how to create powerful, high impact experiences on the consumers creating a positive word of mouth for your Brand, and we find the best way to achieve results through non conventional media, tactical actions: promotions, activations, events, alternate media, guerrilla technology, personal experiences, actions that promote loyalty and build empathy.


Strategy + Creativity + Technology = Digital Ferrer.

With these three pillars we generate relevant experiences for our brands and their clients adding traditional marketing efforts, generating conversations and increasing potential in our consumers.
Digital marketing isn’t just about having presence, but about generating value for the Brand with a clear objective, which allows us to communicate adequately through interactive language.

Shopper Marketing

Reinforce your publicity strategy at the sale point.

We help you implement a strategy that links your brands directly with the ‘shopper’ at the sales point, through a interdisciplinary plan that will lead to an experience in stages.
The result generates business, opportunities for the retailers and benefit the ones who decide to join the experience.

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We offer integrated service

Our service is comprehensive and continuous, all areas work together, always accompanying the consumer and the brands.


Above the line


Below the line