• “Worthwhile communication is that which ellicits a response”.
  • “Language was born with life as the most transcendental of human inventions”.
  • “Don’t forget that language, our natural means of communication, is the media of media”.
  • “In the advertising language everything becomes name-able, number-able, and memorable”.
  • “Advertising language usually adds passion to emotion”.
  • “It’s the word that looks for him who listens; which goes from comparative to positive; which is sign and design”.
  • “The advertising phrase is crowned with seduction and convincement”.
  • “The slogan which in its spirit of synthesis has the simplicity of the truth will have a long life”.

Eulalio Ferrer Rodríguez

Don Eulalio Ferrer

Juan Ferrer


Erick Salgado

Head of Administration